Zeno GUI: Fantastic Interface for Gunbot

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The General View

Zeno GUI is a beautifully crafted piece of programming which can help anyone with Gunbot to quickly visualize all their main operations without interacting with the bot directly.

You can have multiple windows running all the pairs on GB 3.3.2, or perhaps you’re running the new XT, or CS version – it doesn’t matter, because you can fit all your GB experience into a simple interface. It can also be checked on your browser or on the go.


The GUI has all the information you need in one graphical interface. While running, you can simultaneously see if Gunbot is live, if the CPU is performing correctly, and what the pairs (and their respective consoles) have been up to.

Check the video below for a test of Zeno GUI running on an actual web browser (in this case, Google Chrome):

Let’s break down what you just saw there and quickly summarize the dashboard.


Here, you can check overall information about:

  • Computer’s performance: extremely useful if you’re using a VPS, to check if you need to upgrade the plan or downgrade it and save some money. Here, you can see how much CPU and RAM consumption you’re producing.
  • Balances: here, you can check your overall balance, and the balance per exchange.
  • G: This big ‘G’ blinks every time GB is refreshing its activity. In other words, if it blinks, everything’s going OK.
  • Cog and Wrench icons: The cog icon allows you to quickly refine Gunbot’s general configuration. Think about ‘Bot Delay’ settings and the such. The Wrench icon allows you to define the ‘default’ strategy on GB.
  • Search Bar: To comfortably search for a specific pair.
  • Sorting/Filtering: To sort/organize all your pairs for your liking.
  • Big Cog icon: refer to the image below; clicking on this button will open up a menu which lets you configure the GUI itself. Here, you can add new pairs, reset them, edit SSL configuration for increased security, enable 2-FA, and configure the Telegram bot.


The pair bar includes general information about the pair, balances, GB’s targets, profits, real-time tickers and options.

A) General Information

First of all, we have general information about the pair. This includes the exchange we’re operating in, the pair, the strategy we’re using, and three small icons that can be extremely useful.

It also features a color-coded square, visually representing the strategy it’s in (Red – Bollinger Bands; Blue – PingPong; Green – Gain).

The left icon lets you move the pair on the screen. If you want to reorder the pairs, this is your go-to tool.

The center icon transports you to the webpage corresponding to that pair, and that exchange. For example, in this case, it would show you the BTC/DGB pair on Bittrex.

Last but not least, the right icon brings you to the corresponding TradingView graph for in-depth analysis of this pair, if you choose to do so.

B) Balance Information

Here, you can check out your available balance of the Altcoin, and that value in BTC.

C) Targets and Error

If Gunbot finds any errors during its course, you’ll see them here. You can also monitor if the robot is trying to buy and/or sell and its target prices.

D) Profit/Loss

Here, you can see the Profit/Loss for 1 Year, 1/2 Year, and 1 Day.

E) Ticker

Here, you can check the latest information on the market of your preferred exchange for that particular pair.

F) Options

Last but not least, you can find some options for the pair.

This toggles the pair on or off.

This lets you quickly configure your pair’s settings individually. It’s extremely useful.

Here, you can bring up the pair’s Gunbot console on real-time.

This button allows you to check the latest graph, updated in real-time too, of the pair on your selected exchange, directly on the GUI.

Last, we have a visual representation of the pair’s activity on Gunbot throughout the last days, weeks, or months.

Telegram bot

Zeno GUI also includes a telegram bot so you can interact with Gunbot from an easy mobile text-based interface.

You can see how Gunbot is doing – what pairs are configured, the last few trades, check balances and even turn Gunbot on or off.

By typing in a pair, you can configure Gunbot


If you’re serious about getting a magnificent dashboard for Gunbot, along with a capable Telegram bot, Zeno GUI is an extremely interesting option.

Zeno Gui has a developer that has been running and improving the software regularly, and even has a dedicated contact so anyone can directly talk to him.

Like always, price and value are different things. If seeing everything on one dashboard is truly important to you in a clean and straight-to-the-point interface, you’ll certainly drain a lot of value from his offer.

The alternative is to rely on XT’s included GUI, but even that graphical interface is no match to Zeno’s clean, but resource-intensive option.  The Zeno Gui shows your own trades and has a consolidated interface to control your Gunbot installation.

Useful Information:

Discount Code

If you want to purchase Zeno GUI, GBU can offer you a discount!  Use the discount code below when purchasing to have your discount applied.


How to Buy Zeno GUI

The Zeno GUI team has implemented a Telegram bot to handle Trials, Purchases, API Keys and more.  Here’s how you can get Zeno GUI:

  1. Make sure you have Telegram installed.  Telegram offers encrypted, secure communications from a web interface, desktop or mobile device.
  2. Initiate a conversation with @Zeno_GUI_bot  on telegram
  3. Click the `START` button or type `/start` and press [Enter].
  4. Request a trial license.
  5. Download Zeno Gui and follow the installation instructions on the Wiki
  6. Before you buy, send a message to @Zeno_GUI_bot that says  GBU-ZENO – this will activate your discount.
  7. Use the @Zeno_GUI_bot to make your purchase (there should be a button that says something like “Manage Purchases”)