Mehtadone’s CryptoGramBot: FREE Telegram Alerts about Trades

Knowing that Gunbot is constantly increasing your portfolio is all good and nice, but actually being alerted whenever a trade is done and several more coins just made their way into your pocket is an entirely different experience.

Picture this: you’re at the middle of a tiring day at the office. You’re motivated, but work seems to pile up… and you still have some tasks to conclude before you can call it a day.

image: SO MUCH WORK!


Suddenly, you hear that familiar ‘Telegram’ bell ringing from your phone. You know what just happened – Gunbot just netted you another profit! Imagine your big smile…

Sold? You don’t have to be. This experience is entirely free.

1) What does it do?

CryptoGramBot is a tool that automatically sends notifications of your trades and profit in real-time to your mobile phone.

More specifically, it is a bot working with Telegram that sends you a message whenever a new trade is conducted (buy or sell).

It was created by Mehtadone and it’s entirely free for use, although donations are accepted.

2) How can I install it?

a) Download the latest version from the GitHub repository. By clicking here, you’ll be brought upon the needed page.

image: download the latest version from the GitHub.


b) On Telegram, talk to the BotFather to get your BOTID (basically, an ID for your robot). Note that the BotFather referred is not the official Telegram group for Gunbot, but the main robot from the Telegram software itself. For your convenience, click here to talk to the right BotFather.
c) Use the /newbot command to create a new bot. The BotFather will ask you for a name and username, then generate an authorization token for your new bot. The token is a string along the lines of ‘110201543:AAHdqTcvCH1vGWJxfSeofSAs0K5PALDsaw’. Note down this code.
d) Next, obtain your Telegram ID by clicking here. Just talk to the robot and type /start. Note down the CHAT ID code.
e) Open up your CryptoGramBot folder you just downloaded and right-click the ‘AppSettings.json’ file. Edit it with a text processor.

image: you should edit this file.


f) Begin by typing the ‘BotToken’ you got on b) and the Chat ID you got on d).

Image: Start here.


g) Don’t forget to toggle ‘On’ or ‘Off’ the services you want, according to your needs. In general, if you want a service active, type ‘true’. If not, type ‘false’.

Image: Toggle the services on or off depending on your preferences.


h) Last but not least, remember that you should create an API Key specifically to retrieve this data. You can find information on how to retrieve API Keys from Poloniex, Bittrex, Kraken, Bitfinex, Cryptopia and Binance here on GBU – just click your exchange. After creating the key, insert it within the appropriate brackets.

Image: Insert yout api keys here.


i) Open up your command line (Windows or Linux) or your Terminal (Mac), point it to your directory, and type ‘dotnet CryptoGramBot.dll’. CryptoGramBot will now start running. 

Image: The command in the command line.


Important Note: Please do not close this window – if you close it, CryptoGramBot will stop working. For this reason, you should use it on a VPS like Digital Ocean or Vultr  or at your Raspberry Pi.

3) Can I see it in action?


Of course you can. Just kidding.

a) Trade Information: Arguably, the main function of CryptoGramBot is the ability to receive notifications, in real-time, about the efficiency of your Gunbot. So, you can expect to receive a message containing the following information on your mobile phone, like a regular message:

Image: The ‘Buy’.

Here, you can see three data points:

1) First line: Exchange/Pair/Date/Time/BUY/Units/Bought Price/Result in BTC to your Portfolio. This is general information about your trade.
2) Second line: Your available BTC balance. This is the amount of ‘free’ BTC not tied in any trades and/or ‘bags’.
3) Third line: The estimated value of all of your portfolio. This is the amount of BTC you have in your account, if you were to sell all your trades at that exact moment.

Image: The ‘Sell’.

Very similar structure to the previous one, but with a focus on the ‘Sell’ part of the trade.

1) First line: Notice how it shows your total profit for the trade. Since we’ve set a ‘Trading Limit’ of 0.04 (that is, we put 0.04 BTC at stake per trade), we’ve spent 0.04 BTC to generate ≈ 0.04040021 BTC. Thus, we profited 0.00040021 BTC in that trade.
2) Second line: Notice how the current available BTC balance increased. This means that, in the meantime, some trades cleared up, increasing our ‘dry powder’ to attack more opportunities.
3) Third line: Notice how the estimated value of your portfolio increased. Due to variations on the market, this value can fluctuate over time. Regardless, that profit of ≈ 0.04040021 BTC is already added to the total amount.

b) 24 Hour Summary: another incredibly useful tool, the 24 Hour Summary does exactly what is says – it gives you a rundown, at a glance, of your portfolio’s performance in the last 24 hours. It can also be configured to be shown at your preferred moment of the day. Usually, it is set to deliver these news at the end of the day – but you can change this option to your preference.

Image: your portfolio’s performance at a glance.

Here, you can check how much your portfolio’s increased (or not) and the difference in BTC and USD in the last 24 hours – an amazingly simple way to know where you ‘stand’, in terms of the overall picture.

c) Bag Alert: as the name implies, this function allows you to know if a trade is turning into something really unfavorable.

image: All the data from your bag delivered to your phone.


Again, expect a fully informed message delivered to your phone, with the bought price, current price, and the percentage lost along the process.

d) Wallet Overview: CryptoGramBot has a final surprise. In the Wallet Information message, you can request the robot to detail all the coins you hold, along with the percentage change since Gunbot bought the coin.

image: the ‘wallet overview’ message.

4) It’s FREE!

Mehtadone’s work is entirely free. His continuous support of the project depends on the goodwill of people who, like you and me, feel that his work and time were useful.

GBU already contributed to Mehtadone’s project. If you feel like CryptoGramBot helped you in any way, feel free to buy Mehtadone a beer (or something more!):

  • BTC: 1LVtLb6Vo79nyPBp252GSJVDMPToGvjFN6
  • DASH: XoQepSjoTEriBV7bLo1bdTVjbdy1AJW11B
  • ETH: 0x20A660DB0Abb84f62c532E5881C90e0Ef0e29638
  • LTC: LYGuFsyHSYFpmEiW4SKPedt6KsvL2ZqeEW

If you can’t, please think about sending a thankful message to him, by clicking here. Sometimes, a meaningful message can go a long way.

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