Binance listed INS Ecosystem (INS) coin – go add it to Gunbot!

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Gunbotters — Binance just listed INS Ecosystem (INS) last night.

This means a couple of things:

  • INS coin on

    INS as a coin will probably go up in value for a little bit, after the initial “listing depression” and then get a major boost.  You might want to add it to your Gunbot on your favorite exchange(s) wherever it’s supported, which currently is only Bittrex…  It’s currently also listed on EtherDelta and KuCoin

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INS has a minimum price of 0.0000001 BTC order value of 0.002 BTC (ref: Binance Trading Rules)

Interestingly, unlike other coins we’ve covered on GBU, this coin was only recently listed on CoinMarketCap’s website in the last few days, so there really wasn’t a lot of history on the site.  So the pump wasn’t the normal huge hockey stick, but it was still a large enough pump:

If you take a look at the items marked in the chart by GBU above:

  1. Even with “all” selected, it only goes back a few days
  2. Jan 13th showed only a little volatility
  3. Jan 14th showed some interest
  4. But Jan 15th shows the BIG spike, which is when Binance listed it, and all the HODLers from the ICO (initial price: $2.57) were quick to sell off their coins.. presumably.
  5. The peak price hit near $12 and 86k sats before settling down for some horizontal action.

This is what makes us think it’s probably a good time to add it to Gunbot since there’s a spike in the past.

More about INS: (source: Binance)


INS is the first global decentralized ecosystem that will enable consumers to buy groceries directly from manufacturers conveniently and at lower prices.

INS will facilitate the direct interaction between consumers and manufacturers. Bypassing retailers and wholesalers means a more personalized and transparent grocery shopping experience at lower prices. Сonsumers will be able to decide which brands they want and which goods they need.

INS will enable manufacturers to create bespoke marketing programs to promote their goods directly to consumers. These programs run on smart contracts and are powered by the INS token as a means of reward. It is similar to a miles-based reward programs of many airlines, but more advanced, cheaper to run and personalized thanks to the smart contracts behind them.

Total Supply: 50,000,000
Circulating Supply: 30,000,000
ICO Price: $ 2.57


Whitepaper: ins