Binance listed PIVX coin (PIVX) – go add it to Gunbot!

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Gunbotters — Binance just listed PIVX Coin (PIVX) last night.

This means a couple of things:

  • PIVX coin on

    PIVX as a coin will probably go up in value for a little bit, after the initial “listing depression” and then get a major boost.  You might want to add it to your Gunbot on your favorite exchange(s) wherever it’s supported, which currently includes Bittrex and Cryptopia…  It’s also available on a few non-Gunbot Exchanges like CoinExchange, LiveCoin, Upbit, and a few others.

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PIVX, the 102nd coin listed on Binance, has a minimum price of 0.0000001 BTC order value of 0.002 BTC (ref: Binance Trading Rules)

You can see the impact this listing had on PIVX:


More about PIVX: (source: Binance)

Private Instant Verified Transaction, PIVX, is a privacy-focused decentralized open source cryptocurrency launched in Feb 1 2016 under the name of Darknet (DNET), before it was professionally re-branded to PIVX. The initial Proof of Work (PoW) distribution phase ended August 2016 when DNET transitioned to the current Proof
of Stake (PoS) phase.

PIVX runs on Blackcoin PoS 2.0 protocol and is based on Bitcoin core 0.10.x code base. It utilizes a network of masternodes for an openly visible decentralized governance and increased transaction privacy.

The main goal of PIVX is to achieve near instant private transactions and a governance that helps sustain the network for the benefit of all of the users involved.

Circulating Supply: 55,407,318


Whitepaper: PIVX