Binance listed Storm (STORM) – go add it to Gunbot!

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Gunbotters — Binance just listed Storm Token (STORM) the other day.

This means a couple of things:


    STORM as a coin will probably go up in value for a little bit, after the initial “listing depression” and then get a major boost.  Take a look at Coinmarketcap for some history  (also see below).  Previously, STORM was primarily on HitBTC, Coinrail and Bancor Network, and a few smaller exchanges, but no other Gunbot-supported Exchange..  Since the listing, Binance has taken over massive amounts of STORM volume and at time of posting, represents 97% of all reported volume of the coin.

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STORM, the 115th coin listed on Binance, has a minimum order requirement of 0.001 BTC according to their Official Trading Rules.

Here’s what the market had to say:

It looks like a major boost, and when looking at just those few days before the announcement, it is indeed a big boost.  And when looking at the fact that Binance is holding 97% of all volume according to Coinmarketcap, it also speaks volumes (no pun intended).

However, when looking at a larger outlook, and zooming out a little further, the Binance Listing mainly gives STORM a new life and new volume.

More about STORM: (source: Binance)

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