How do I fix Telegram api – make sure that only one bot instance is running errors?

originalHost: ‘’,
originalHostHeaderName: ‘host’,
responseContent: [Circular],
_destdata: true,
_ended: true,
_callbackCalled: true },
toJSON: [Function: responseToJSON],
caseless: Caseless { dict: [Object] },
read: [Function],
{ ok: false,
error_code: 409,
description: ‘Conflict: terminated by other getUpdates request; make sure that only one bot instance is running’ } } }

You might see this error in your err.log or console log or in the GUI.

What’s going on

Gunbot version 8 added direct Telegram support.  Whenever there are buys or sells, Gunbot can connect to the Telegram API and send you a message.  It requires a chatbot token, your Telegram id and an arbitrary label.

If you’re running just one bot, you might not see this very often.  However, if you run multiple bots (or the one bot is very busy), you may see this error.

First, don’t worry.  This error doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with Gunbot, or your trades aren’t happening.  It only means you are missing out on a few Telegram Notifications about buys and sells.

Second, Gunbot caches the missed telegram notifications.  So, if it had a problem trying to send you a notification yesterday, it’s going to KEEP TRYING to send the notification, but it will most likely keep getting this error.  So, you will continue to see the error until you restart Gunbot.

How to Fix It

For Gunbot Version 8, there’s not much you can do to permanently fix the problem other than creating a different chatbot for each Gunbot instance.  And even that won’t 100% fix the problem.

According to several reports, such as this one, this problem is caused by an outdated set of code.  It’s most likely that Gunbot has this older node_modules compiled into it, and will continue to have the problem until the next version.  It is rumored that Gunbot v9 no longer has the problem, so GBU’s guess is that the newer node_modules was compiled into Gunbot v9.

In order to stop getting errors for the telegram notifications it’s continuing to retry, you need to restart Gunbot.  That clears the cache of missed notifications and it will stop retrying.  You’ll be good until the next notification that fails.

So, in summary:

  1. In Gunbot Version 8, make a different chat bot for each instance.
  2. Restart Gunbot to clear out old notification retries
  3. Wait for Gunbot Version 9, which supposedly fixes the issue.