FIRST GBU LIVE Recording is available on website

At long last, we have finally published a GBU LIVE recording on the website — please come check it out.

We covered Reversal Trading in depth, but not before we previewed Gunbot 10, a review of the markets, some coin recommendations before Consensus, our Affiliate program and how to handle FIAT Pairs.  Oh, and after the featured content about Reversal Trading with our guest co-host Master Teacher Poy, we had a robust Q&A session featuring:

  • Why does TSSL have Trail_Me for DU and RT only and not BUY/SELL?
  • Where are the strategies and settings in the slack?
  • What’s the ratio of trading limit and funds reserve?
  • How to choose coins?

You must be logged into the Gunbot University site to view the video.  If you have lost your password or your login / membership does not work, fill out the Feedback form at and we will fix it for you – we want to make sure you have reasonable time to access this and other videos as promised.

We will start publishing the back catalog of 30+ other videos shortly.

Professor Wally

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