Binance wiped all API keys – action required

Hello GBU Subscriber –

Yesterday, Binance sent a tweet that let us know they had stopped all trading with API’s:

The tweet directed readers to a support announcement that stated the following:

Due to irregular trading on some APIs, Binance will remove all existing API keys as a precautionary security measure. All API users are requested to recreate their API keys.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused, and thank you for your patience.

This is cause for immediate action for all Gunbot users who use Binance – this immediate stops all Gunbot activities, and also impacts any other software or service that uses Binance API’s – CoinTracking, CryptoSight, Zeno GUI, CryptoGramBot, etc.

In short, in order to resume trading with Gunbot, you must do the following:

  1. Create new API Key(s) at Binance
  2. Get the Key activated with your reseller
  3. Enter the Key(s) into Gunbot
  4. Resume Gunbot

GBU Customers: If you purchased your Gunbot license from GBU, and you are licensed with Binance, you can contact Master Teacher Poy or Professor CryptoWally on Slack or Telegram, email or fill out the form at – we will need your old API key and the new API key you create as master (see below for full details).

There’s more detail to the above steps to do this correctly and with less drama, cost and headache down the road, so I will detail them now.

Create New Keys at Binance

Binance wiped out all the API keys in their system.  That means you must create new ones.  Your Gunbot and any other software that hasn’t been updated or shut off is hammering Binance’s server(s) with a key that does not exist.

It is highly recommended, and is considered Best Practice that you create two keys for Gunbot – one for licensing and activation (this is called the “Master key”) and one for Gunbot to actually use for day to day use.  The reason for this is that by using a key for day to day use, the key is at risk of being invalidated, lost, banned, or compromised.

Important: If an API key is invalidated, lost, banned or compromised, then the cost to get a new one from your reseller (at time of writing) is 0.01 BTC.  If this has happened to you, and you need this service, you can purchase it from the GBU Store.  If the API is wiped out due to no fault of your own, such as Binance wiping out all API keys, then traditionally there is no cost to you. (Note: this is subject to change, and GBU does not control the costs handed down by Gunbot’s authors)

By creating a Master Key that is never used for day to day use, and is only used for licensing, then you reduce the risk of having it invalided, lost, banned or compromised.

So, to help save you heartache down the road, create two keys.  Name them something like “gb-master” and “gb-primary”.

ALWAYS COPY YOUR SECRET BEFORE THE PAGE GOES AWAY since Binance only shows you the page once.

Get the Key Activated with Your Reseller

Activate the key you called “gb-master”.  You do not need to activate the “gb-primary” key.  If you ever run a second Gunbot on the same account, you don’t need to activate that key either.  If you compromise the gb-primary key, or Binance wipes it out due to a NONCE issue, or you move to a different time zone, it’s ok. You just create a new gb-primary key and put it into Gunbot and you’re good to go – just don’t ever delete gb-master.  You don’t need to talk to your reseller about the gb-primary keys.

When you communicate to your reseller, help them out by providing your old API key and your new API key.  They must validate your old key to ensure you had a valid key, so don’t just bombard them with a new key.  That will just take them longer, or they’ll just turn around and require that you provide it anyway.  Save yourself some time, copy the old key while you’re in there, and when you politely ask for the API key swap, say something like this:

Hello – I was impacted by the Binance security API wipe.  Here is my old and new key. Can you swap me out at your earliest convenience?  I would send you cookies if I knew where you were.  How is your day?

old key: ****
new key: ***

thank you.

Also, please note that only your reseller should be the one to swap out your key.  If GBU is your provider for subscription services, such as Master, Bachelor or Associates, but we did not sell you your Gunbot license, we cannot help you with your API key swap.

Your reseller will get back to you once the old key was validated and the new key was activated.

Enter the Keys into Gunbot

The two keys get entered into gunbot as masterkey and key.

Here’s how it looks in the config.js file if you are using Gunbot Core – aka, from the command line, when you run gunthy-linx64 or gunthy.exe.

"exchanges": {
  "binance": {
    "masterkey": "gb-master-key",
    "mastersecret": "gb-master-secret",
    "key": "gb-primary-key",
    "secret": "gb-primary-secret"

The Official Gunbot Wiki has more information on API keys for the different Exchanges –

In the GUI, you enter in the Master key separate from the Primary key.  There should be two different entries in the GUI in order to get the config file to store them.

Be sure to save your configuration.

Resume Gunbot

After making your changes, start Gunbot up again and make sure it starts.

Other services

There are other accessories that use Binance API keys, such as CoinTracking, ZENO GUI and CryptoSight that will need to be updated as well.  Check our Slack Community for updates, or those product’s support channels for further updates