Conquer the Bear

With the market doing what it’s doing (once again), and given that we’ve had a few new faces join us (welcome!), I’d like to take this opportunity to make a few statements that will be familiar to those “Crypto Veterans” that have been around for a few of these, may serve as a much-needed boost for those who are new, and may just be common sense for the rest.

Conquer the Bear

In the GBU Newbie Special, Part 1 ( (for GBU Subscribers only) which is the first half of a three hour long video series Introduction to Gunbot for GBU Subscribers only (there are timestamps to get you right to specific topics if you don’t want to watch the entire three hours), the very first topic after the required disclaimer involves setting expectations:

Setting Expectations and Examining Motivations

Setting Expectations - examine motivations

If you go into something with the proper expectations, when things like this extreme bear market happens, not only are you prepared, but you’re simply better off.  I’m sure we all have our reasons for why we have Gunbot and why we got into crypto, but more likely than not, it has something to do with disruption of some kind  – disruption of the banking system – disintermediation of one industry or another.  Maybe you wanted to get rich because you heard of someone else doing so.  Or maybe it was the technology you love.

Why DID you get into crypto?  Is it the same reason you got into Gunbot? (and if you’re not into Gunbot, contact us and we can help answer questions  – either hit the chat button down below or go to

The Wild West

setting expectations - wild west

After you have your motivations in check – you probably should see where you are, time-wise.  We’re in crypto.  The industry itself hasn’t even been around for a decade.  So few people know about crypto, care about crypto, own crypto or are involved in crypto.  We are in the early days, and we’re still in the Wild West.

The Wild West was conquered by pioneers who didn’t wait for a fur-lined stagecoach with safe cities and established guidelines.  There were snakes and Native Americans and dysentery and harsh times.  Many got “rekt”.  The ones who didn’t wait not only satisfied their wild adventurist nature but also gained the opportunity of prestige, land and the joy of “being first.”

Gunbot, and Crypto in general, is for those kinds of people.  Frontiersmen who appreciate luxury but don’t require it.  For they know there’s gold in “them thar hills” and are willing to go through a lot to get to it first.

Bear Market Veterans

bear market - veteran

Become a veteran

If you’re new to this space, you might be kicking yourself… as you might have bought in with Bitcoin at an all-time high (ATH).  You are earning your battle scars right now.  We’re still early, with such a low percentage of the world citizens aware of crypto, owning crypto and trading crypto.  The fact that you 1) are aware, 2) own, 3) trade, 4) own gunbot* and 5) are improving your education here at GBU… these are all amazing indicators for your future.  It won’t be long until you are the veteran.  This space moves fast, and is growing even faster.  New people are coming in, new FIAT is coming in (where else is it going to go?) and the more veterans we have to help guide them, the better.  Help continue the education.

  • again, possibly – unless you don’t, in which case, reach out and we can help.

Key takeaways

Some important things I’d like everyone to remember:

  • It’s only a loss if you sell. Paper losses are temporary.
  • – worth your time to read
  • If you bot with money you don’t stress about, then you won’t stress so much during these times. Conversely, if you’re botting with money you need, then you will definitely stress about botting. Therefore, _don’t bot the rent money_.
  • If you’re thinking of selling your crypto, try to remember how thin the order books are.  What this means is — the representation of “price” on or any of the sites that report price is based on the order book, and is subject to heavy manipulation.  The price can move in an instant due to volume, big whales, unregulated markets, and heavy hands who know what they’re doing dominating a lot of people who don’t know what they’re doing.  Try not to be one of the people who don’t know what they’re doing.  If you *know* what you’re doing when you sell your crypto, then by all means, sell, especially if it’s at a profit, or if it’s for another crypto that makes sense for you.
  • If it can go down this fast, it can also go up this fast.  And you don’t have to just imagine – just look at the history.  This exact thing has happened several times in the past, and every time, it has done so over and over, and then risen again even higher.  So, if money is your thing, maybe waiting it out is a good play.

Earn your crypto

If you want to earn crypto, you can always do so at GBU – we not only have an affiliate program at where by referring people to Gunbot University, you can earn affiliate bonuses, but also we reward content creators, so if you’re interested in writing articles or making videos about Gunbot, we pay in crypto (revenue share model).