Gunbot University

Thank you for all the good times

Gunbot is awesome.

GBU had a good run, and it's time to close the doors.  Happy Botting, everyone.

Visit to find where to get Gunbot

Visit for documentation and support information

Note: GBU personnel will NEVER initiate contact with you.  We do not initiate DMs; we do not send emails; we do not call or initiate any form of messaging that you do not initiate yourself.  If anyone poses as Cryptowally, Master Teacher Poy or anyone from GBU, be wary.  Assume it's a scam.

Telegram: The only legit GBU Wally on Telegram is - look at the spelling of this name and compare it to anyone you chat with. in fact, if you don't already have chat history with wally, and someone reaches out to you claiming to be GBU Wally, it's not.

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