Gunbot v12 has launched!

Recently , Gunthar notified the Gunbot community of the timing for the pending release of Gunbot v12:

It's Here!  Gunbot v12 launches. Release the beast.  Earn your Crypto.  Get Brave.

On Sunday 3 of February, I will release Gunbot v12.8.1 Stable with Bitmex included.

V12 includes a special feature that will connect your Gunbot over the blockchain and verify your license without need of a reseller to change your API keys i.e. and more.

I will post detailed instructions about GUNTHY token, the way to get it, the way to get airdrops and how to use it with your Gunbot GUNTHY token deposits and withdrawals are already available at exchange (one of the top10 exchanges at coinmarketcap) will open trading of GUNTHY on 11 of February 2019 at 5PM UTC+8
Happy trading!

We’ve all been waiting for this for a very long time.

Gunbot Version 12 brings *so* many new features. GBU LIVE featured Gunbot v12 in a recent subscriber-only webinar, where you can learn about it, see a demo, and more. Gunbot v12 looks fantastic, brings a ton of new functionality, and has been tested by hundreds of brave beta users.

Learn more:

"gunthy_wallet": "<your_gunthy_wallet_address_here>"

Do you want to EARN YOUR CRYPTO?

You can easily EARN YOUR CRYPTO by creating a free Affiliate account, requesting an Affiliate Share Code and then give them a special coupon made just for you.

Earn your crypto
  • Create free Affiliate account at
  • [optional] Request Affiliate Share code at
  • Point people to and have them use your coupon or referral code

Here’s what happens:

  • THEY get Gunbot Standard at 50% off
  • THEY get three (3) months of Bachelor service
  • THEY get FREE Bitmex license when it comes out.
  • THEY also get 5% off! (if they use your coupon code)
  • YOU get 10% referral bonus, paid in crypto
  • YOU get a free month of Bachelor, which you can use yourself or give to your friend

(Note: The person you refer can buy anything at Gunbot University – Gunbot Ultimate, Gunbot Pro, or whatever strikes their fancy, and they get 5% off and you get 10% bonus. It’s not just limited to the Bachelor pack)

Not sure how to use GUNTHY Token? Get Brave!

Learn. Earn. Don't Get Burned. Visit us at to learn about botting, trading and staying safe with crypto.

You can use most any ERC-20 capable wallet for the GUNTHY token, and the Brave Browser is fast, safe, ad-blocking and you can use the Metamask plugin safely. We recommend you separate your crypto-browsing from all the other browsing you do. This is an easy way to do that.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Download and install Brave Browser by going to (or get it directly from – if you use our link, GBU gets a small reward)
  2. Install the Metamask plugin inside of Brave (Menu -> more tools -. Extensions -> Web Store, search for Metamask. Get the one offered by
  3. Create your account, save your passwords and seeds securely
  4. [recommended] create a new dedicated Ethereum Wallet just for Gunthy. You can drop down your identity avatar and click + Create Account. Name it something easy to identify as Gunbot or Gunthy.
  5. The wallet address will be shown at the top, which you can copy and paste into Gunbot

Buy or upgrade Gunbot TODAY. We accept Bitcoin, GUNTHY Token, Litecoin, DASH, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Paypal.