OKEX Trading Competition – use GBU VPS for quicker install!

Want a chance at your share of up to 10,000 USDT prize pool? All you have to do is use Gunbot to trade at OKEX (in accordance to official Terms), and you can!

Even better — GBU VPS already supports the latest Gunbot version(s), including the OKEX build. You don’t have to change or stop your current Gunbot to get up and running same day – we’ll do the install, initial setup, SSL certificate and launch it.

Order your VPS today at https://gbu.run/gbuvps – pick a size and a term – and use “OKEX” as a coupon for $5 off. That means for $10/mo or less, you can have a fully functional, close-to-the-exchange bot running TODAY.

You can go to https://viraltrading.org/enjoy-gunbot-okex-10000-usdt-trading-competition/ to read about the official Gunthy announcement and all the terms. There’s only about a month for the trading competition, so the sooner you get started, the better off you’ll be!

Here’s a detailed list of what you should do to make it easy on you:

GBU VPS / Gunbot side

  • Visit https://gbu.run/gbuvps and choose and pay for a VPS.
  • Specify which exchange you want – you can choose OKEX of course, but any Gunbot-supported exchange can be entered.
  • Use “OKEX” coupon for $5 off first order.
  • You can use Paypal, Crypto or Credit card to check out. We recommend Paypal or Credit card for auto-renewal purposes. If you choose Crypto, you’ll have to ensure you renew before the expiration date else your bot will be turned off and deleted.
  • This will get the process started. Look for an email / telegram with your VPS details, but at the very least, GBU will send you the IP address that you can use with API key below (recommended for better security). We generally set up your VPS same day.

OKEX Side:

  • Create an account if you don’t have one
  • Complete at least KYC Tier 1 validation
  • Fund your account (USDT, BTC or other)
  • Transfer some of your Funding account to your Trading account
  • Create API key – Choose API v3
  • Set up a passphrase and be sure to store it securely
  • Enable Read & Trading (not withdrawal)
  • Complete the key and after created, view it so you can get your API key and API Secret. Store that securely as well.

If you already have another Gunbot running…

You will want to license your new Okex V3 API key. If you already have Gunbot running, go to that Gunbot GUI, go to Settings > Swap Exchanges, and pick an open slot. Choose “okex3” and paste in your key (not secret!). Click Save, and you should get a green alert box in upper right hand corner saying it has saved.

If you don’t have any available slots, you can upgrade your Gunbot with GBU! Go to https://gbu.run/upgrade and pick your current Gunbot license and your desired Gunbot license. Not only should you be up and running same day, but you’ll get complimentary GBU Subscription (Associates or Bachelor, depending on what you upgrade to).

If you are currently running Gunbot Standard or Starter, then you only have one API slot. You definitely should upgrade. If you still want to keep the one API slot and still use Okex, then you’ll have to contact your reseller to update your key.

If you buy Gunbot from GBU, we will set up and register your API key for you.

Finish Gunbot Configuration

  • You’ll get an email from GBU VPS for your host web address. Visit it and set a password for Gunbot that is different from any other password, and that you can store securely. This password is for you to access your hosted Gunbot.
  • Go to Settings> Gunthy Wallet. Put in your GUNTHY Wallet in the settings area (after pasting in the wallet address, press [TAB] to get the [Save Changes] button)
  • Go to Settings> Exchanges and add new okex3 exchange. Paste in your key twice (key and master key) and paste in your secret twice (secret and master secret). Put in delay: 20 for now, paste in your passphrase, and put in trading fees of 0.25. Click Add, then [Save Changes]
  • Go to Settings> Trading Pairs and add a new pair. For testing purposes, put in BTC-ETH , choose okex3 as exchange and put in watchgain as the strategy. This strategy won’t buy or sell but will just run so you can ensure things are working ok.
  • Go to Settings> Bot Settings> OKEx Competition, give yourself a OKEX_NICKNAME and then put AGREED into the OKEX_AGREEMENT field. [Save Changes] there as well.

By this time, you should be able to go to your Dashboard, and after a few cycles, it should start filling out. The BTC-ETH pair should show up in Active Pairs, and you can start doing your own selections of strategies, pairs and more.

After a few trades and a few cycles, your chosen Nickname should show up on the Leaderboard at https://okex.gunthy.org:444/ – We wish you luck!

Note that it sometimes is advantageous to have access to the SSH Console of Gunbot host. We support that at GBU, too! Go to http://gbu.run/sshkey to read more about how that can be done – with SSH Console access, you can watch the grid, look for error messages, check out the log files and more. You can ask for help in our Slack community should you get stuck.