You’ve invested in a powerful tool. Now invest in yourself. Make the most of your capital by learning from the elite crypto crew – Gunbot University. Our professors will teach you everything you need to know. Multiple subscription service levels available.


Our Professors will share their proven techniques to help you get the most out of gunbot.  This includes technical setup (Linux and Windows, running many pairs, multiplexing, performance optimization, cloud or home operation), configuration assistance (multiple versions, strategy choices), and long term profit strategy (bag management, manual trading, when and when not to HODL).


Maximize your earning potential by understanding how gunbot really works.  Attend classes and watch our professors move through trades step by step to see how the market moves and how gunbot reacts in realtime.  Watch re-enactment of pumps, dumps and steady states.  Learn how to structure your holdings, exchange accounts and strategies to multiply your coins.


You need to protect yourself and your holdings.  Cryptocurrency is a new, fast-paced world with new dangers.  We will show you how to keep the bad guys out and your private keys safe.  We’ll educate you on wallet management, wise profit culling techniques, how to avoid getting burned by the downturns and minimize risk in a risky world.  We’ll help you stay legal and away from prying eyes.