Buy a Bot

Ready to own your own Bot? GBU is an authorized Gunbot reseller. You can choose from four different licenses ranges depending on what you need. Starter, Standard, Pro and Ultimate. GBU will throw in a free month of hosting and lifetime membership to GBU.


Host your Bot

Do you already own Gunbot, purchased from GBU or elsewhere? Having trouble setting it up, or do you not want to worry about initial configuration, 24×7 operation, security or making sure you don’t lose power? We can host your bot for as little as $9.99/month.


Rent a Bot

Are you totally new to botting and just want to try it out? Is buying a full-blown bot out of your price range, or seem too risky? GBU can rent you a bot and host it for you on a weekly basis. Add either Basic VPS Hosting or PLUS VPS for faster bot and elite access.