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We are constantly asked who we recommend for this service, or that service, or where to go to do those things that GBU doesn’t provide directly.  It stands to reason, since we’ve been around for years in crypto, and it’s usually a smart move to get personal referrals.

GBU recommends

GBU wants it clear that there are motivations in everything anyone does.  Our motivations include making a profit doing what we love (botting and trading crypto), having a successful subscription business, learning more ourselves, and improving the crypto community in general.  We want our customers and prospects to Learn, Earn and Not Get Burned.  Part of the reason for us to share our recommendations here is to help you not get burned.  Another part is that these are affiliate or referral links.  GBU gets paid if you visit the link and then spend money.  Another part is that we have good, solid relationships with anyone you see listed here – we don’t just blindly refer you to people so we can make money.

Secondly, the referral bonuses made from these links go into the GBU Revenue fund. They do not directly pay any of the Professors or individuals.  The revenue contributes to GBU, and that revenue is distributed to content creators and investors.  This is one of the things that sets GBU apart from other Gunbot Resellers and educators.  If we make a little bit of income from a link, it goes into the pool, expenses come out and then 50% goes to content creators and 50% goes to GBU Admin pool.  The GBU Admin pool revenue is split between back-end contributors (consultants, freelancers) and investors/owners.  Therefore, use of these links directly benefits the GBU ecosystem.

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Tracking your crypto transactions, holdings, taxes and everything related to it is very, very difficult. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. No system out there is effortless or easy. makes it easier. That’s it. It’s not a magic system and it doesn’t do everything for you, but it takes something that is tedious, error-prone and almost impossible and makes it possible. It makes it achievable to track most if not all of your crypto, by giving you tools, reports and guides on how to manage what you’ve bought, where you’ve bought it, and how much it was worth.

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