GBU Personal Concierge Service (3mo)

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GBU Personal Concierge Service for high-touch, personalized and customized trading support for Gunbot, three month membership.

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GBU Personal Concierge Service membership is a special, limited tier of Gunbot University membership.  There is a currently a restriction of only five (5) current spots for Concierge membership.  This is to preserve high quality services for Concierge members.  (5:1 Concierge-to-Member ratio).

GBU Personal Concierge Service membership is good for three months and includes all the benefits of the Associate & Bachelor levels Plus the following:

What is included:

  1. Included: two (2) 1-hour consulting session per week with a GBU Professor. 
    The GBU Professor is an established Gunbot and Crypto veteran, and session can be recorded if you wish and delivered in a secured manner.  Members can push back or pull forward any given week up to 3 weeks either way.  Missed weeks are forfeited so, they should be used within 3 weeks.

    1. Example: member wants to take a break for a two weeks, such as vacation, or doesn’t feel any tweaks are being made, and doesn’t want to “waste” the four hours for those two weeks.  They can pull one hours forward to 2 weeks before the vacation, so that three hours are used that week (if schedules permit), and another hour added to the week before vacation, so three hours are that week.  During the two week vacation, no hours are used.  When member returns, they can use normal allotted two hours, and then the second week after return, the remaining two hours can be added to the allotted two hours (if schedules permit) for a total of four hours used that week.
  2. Optional: Trade consulting session for Gunbot Tweaks
    If Member wishes, either of the two (2) consulting session hours above can be assigned Professor for the purpose of tweaking Gunbot settings, pair suggestions, research, looking at logs and receive a report given to member for recommendations of pairs, bag management, Gunbot tweaks, or any other changes to Gunbot for profitability.  These tweaking of settings is limited to the licensed exchanges but may include recommendations to increase number of exchanges.  The session that Professor uses to tweak the coins will be recorded (if permitted by Member) so Member knows the work is done, and each of the coin analysis, information and results will be included in the recorded session.  Basically, member attendance is optional if this option is selected.  For maximum effectiveness, additional read-only API keys for each Member-controlled exchange so that GBU can track coin balances (bag management).
  3. Included:  20 minutes per day of direct Q&A via chat
    Direct, personal one-on-one support for Gunbot and crypto questions, in addition to the included monthly sessions.  Member is entitled receive up to 20 minutes a day of answers and interaction, given via Telegram or Slack text-based chat, with a 24-hr average turnaround time.  Mobile phone or cell support may be available for an additional fee, but is important to understand that this service does not include phone-based 24×7 support.  The consulting sessions referenced in items 1 and 2 above do include voice-based interaction, so Member is encouraged to save up live interactive questions for those sessions.
  4. Included:  GBU VPS Hosting of Member’s Gunbot, up to 8 exchanges
    Hosting of Member’s existing Gunbot license on GBU VPS suitable for typical setup on up to four (4) instances to support up to eight (8) exchanges.  If Member needs additional exchanges, GBU can accommodate with Monthly VPS Hosting packages.  Hosting includes installation, configuration and setup of latest version of Gunbot.  See GBU’s VPS service for more information about this option.
  5. Included: One (1) Guest Pass for free month of Bachelor membership
    Upon every purchase or renewal of Concierge service, Member is granted one (1) Guest Pass to give or share with someone who they’d like to receive a free month of GBU Bachelor level membership.  More information about GBU Bachelor membership is available at and includes everything from Associate level, plus Weekly Live sessions and all archived sessions, plus all articles on the website.
  6. Included: Three 3 Guest Passes for free month of Associate membership
    Upon every purchase or renewal of Concierge service, Member is granted three (3) Guest Passes to give or share with someone who they’d like to receive a free month of GBU Associate level membership.  More information about GBU Associate membership is available at and includes Slack Community Chat, Professor Q&A, starter settings, education on how to tweak those settings for markets, personal tastes, intro videos, and premium articles on the GBU website.


What is not included:

  • GBU does not manage funds
    We are not a fund management service.  We do not touch money, funds, wallets or in any way control assets.
  • GBU is not responsible for profits
    We do not promise returns, profits, results or in any way provide guarantees of anything other than our time.  You are paying for our time, that’s it.
  • GBU does not control the market
    We can only help you tweak Gunbot’s settings, the host it runs on, and help recommend pairs to run, when to run them, and provide support for how to make Gunbot do what you want to do.  If the market tanks, that is not GBU and it is not Gunbot.  If a coin’s value goes down, that is not GBU and it is not Gunbot.  If Gunbot buys a coin based on settings we recommended, and the coin or market all of a sudden goes to zero, and you have a worthless “bag”, that was one of the risks that the crypto market carries with it, and it is not GBU and it is not Gunbot.
  • GBU is not a financial, tax or licensed advisor
    Gunbot University (GBU) is not your Financial Advisor and does not in any way function in an official advisory capacity to anyone about anything. The information presented by the Professor, in articles on the website, in videos, in the Slack Community, or any content, is for informational purposes only.  It is not intended to be investment advice, and continued listening, watching, or consuming the information represents your agreement to that effect. Seek a licensed professional in your jurisdiction for investment, tax or professional advice if that is what you require.


Most of all, know that cryptocurrency trading involves risk, and botting does not have any guarantees of profit, gain or keeping value. GBU only provides the Gunbot software. We do not manage funds and are not responsible for your crypto. You control your own funds at all times. Continuing with purchase of Gunbot, VPS or any service from GBU acknowledges this risk and that GBU is not responsible for any losses incurred. GBU is not your financial advisor and in no way functions in any advisory capacity.

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