CryptoSight add-on

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Cryptosight is a Telegram bot made for Gunbot traders to monitor various things about Gunbot, Trades, Balances and more.  This Gunbot monitor of sorts comes packed with many cool features and customizable options.

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Note: as of v12.9, CryptoSight is now included with Gunbot and is no longer sold separately.  We keep this product published but not featured in the store to track purchases only.

This is a license only and includes adding CryptoSight to all exchanges as an add-on to Gunbot Core (not included).  Gunbot Core can be purchased separately, used or new, from GBU or from someone else.


  • Client-side application
  • Custom keyboard
  • Quickly fetch your balance in BTC
  • Trading alerts with profit display
  • Detailed display of your portfolio
  • Detailed overview of your pairs
  • Individual or overall profit calculations
  • Set custom time range
  • Automatic conversions to your chosen fiat currency
  • View your trade history through Telegram
  • Toggle exchanges with a single click
  • Switch between light and dark themes
  • Manual trading buttons (optional)