Gunbot Standard Rental

Gunbot Standard Rental

$ 25.00 / week with a 3-day free trial and a $ 49.00 sign-up fee

Want to try out botting but not sure about buying a full license?  Do you want the absolute best bot out there, but don’t want to go through the hassle of installing, configuring and setting it up?  GBU has your back – not only will we rent you a Gunbot license, but you can have us host it for you as well.  Choose from Standard Hosting or VPS PLUS Hosting + Bachelor subscription.

Add VPS Hosting (choice required) * 

Let GBU host your Gunbot for you. With GBU VPS Standard Hosting, we install, configure, secure the latest Gunbot version for you, provide you with web and admin console, and locate your instance on a fast VPS host close to the exchange. PLUS Hosting adds more power, our Bachelor subscription ($89/mo value), human monitoring of your bot for errors, and ability to run beta builds. If you do not want GBU to host your Gunbot, you can set up your own VPS or run Gunbot on your own PC, Mac, Linux. If you choose self-hosting, we will provide an activated GUNTHY Wallet for you to use on your own.

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This is a new BETA product where GBU offers rental of Gunbot itself – not just hosting.


  • License for one (1) API Key for one (1) supported exchange.
  • GBU Associates ($49/mo value)
  • Option to add GBU VPS Hosting
  • Option to add GBU VPS PLUS Hosting and Bachelor subscription


  • For Regular hosting service, what you are purchasing is Gunbot Rental, not a Gunbot Managed Service.  With this base license rental service, GBU is not responsible for making sure your Gunbot is running correctly, troubleshooting your Gunbot, teaching you Gunbot or anything beyond what is stated above — we are providing the base license only.
  • If you want us to host your Gunbot, be sure to select VPS Hosting. Otherwise you will need to host Gunbot yourself on your own machine.
  • If you want human monitoring, choose the PLUS Bundle.  In either case, we do not manage the bot for you.
  • Renting Gunbot and GBU hosting your Gunbot has zero guarantee of profits, results or any financial gains. Trading cryptocurrency is inherently risky, and GBU only provides tools to aid in you implementing your own trading strategies.  You assume all risk of cryptocurrency investment and trading.
  • Setup fee is non-refundable, as it represents the efforts GBU takes to setup, configure, activate license and get things ready.

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