Gunbot Starter Edition v12 – 1 Exchange – 3 Strategies

฿ 0.1870 ฿ 0.0400

Gunbot Starter, One Exchange, Limited Strategies (emotionless, gain, BBTA).  Lifetime GBU Associates.


This is the cheapest, easiest way to get into botting — Gunbot STARTER.  Formerly known as “Gunbot Lite”, this is the entry level Gunbot – You pick 1 Exchange, and it runs one (1) of three (3) available starter strategies — “emotionless“, “GAIN“, or “BBTA“.  You have only a few sections to fill out – put in your API keys, select the pairs and let it sit.  You don’t want to pay the full price, so you don’t mess with the full strategies.  Simple.

  • Gunbot Starter – Supports One (1) Exchanges, and one (1) exchange – and only the three simple strategies.  [lifetime-associates]

[product-exchanges-included product=”Gunbot Standard” exchanges=”one (1) exchange”]

Note that Gunbot Starter does NOT include TradingView Add-on, Backtesting Add-on, Margin Trading or any trading strategy other than the three (3) listed above.



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