Gunbot Ultimate + Setup VPS 3m Pack

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Gunbot Ultimate with Installation, Setup, Configuration, 3 months VPS and Lifetime GBU Bachelor Membership.  Includes CryptoSight and TradingView.

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This Gunbot Ultimate VPS pack includes everything you need to get started botting - you don't even need a computer. You provide the Exchange account, the API keys, and the capital - we do the rest to get you up and running. You take it from there.

  • Gunbot Ultimate – Supports All Exchanges, and ALL strategies with CryptoSight (value: 0.59 BTC)
  • Installation and setup/configuration of Gunbot Ultimate
    Configuration with pre-established pairs, usually high volume, high volatility pairs, if requested (cost varies – consulting, lost time in trying to set up yourself, opportunity cost; value: estimated 0.025 BTC)
  • 3 months VPS hosting of Gunbot Ultimate
    Must be renewed at then-current GBU rate or customer can move to their own VPS plan. (value: ~$30/mo = $90)
  • Lifetime Bachelors GBU membership
    Customer may upgrade to higher tier, and this membership may grant a discount on some of those membership tiers. (value: ~$1000)
Includes one (1) license for Gunbot Ultimate for nine (9) exchanges - currently Poloniex, Bittrex, Kraken, Bitfinex, Binance, Cryptopia, CEX.IO, or GDAX / Coinbase Pro, subject to availability. GBU is not responsible for exchange availability.

Please remember that GBU VPS is a pre-paid hosting plan. Failure to renew your hosting in a timely manner may result in your bot being shut off and deleted, along with your configuration, logs, and the ability for your bot to trade. GBU will do our best to remind you to pre-pay your service bill, but it is your responsibility to ensure your service is pre-paid. GBU is not responsible for making sure you acknowledge receipt of reminder notifications.

Note also that Gunbot Ultimate supports up to Nine (9) exchanges while the included VPS supports only three (3) instances and is targeted for six (6) exchanges.  It is possible to run all Nine (9) exchanges but it might be pushing limits of the supplied VPS and busy users may be required to purchase additional VPS package from GBU at $15/mo or $30/mo depending on their usage.

This pack includes:

IMPORTANT: GBU does not manage the bot for you or make changes or keep it updated -- we are not a managed service; we just do the heavy lifting at the beginning to get you started. Gunbot is your responsibility. Adding pairs, changing strategies, updating things, etc... that's all you.

Cryptocurrency Trading Involves Risk
Most of all, know that cryptocurrency trading involves risk, and botting does not have any guarantees of profit, gain or keeping value. GBU only provides, to customers who pay us, the software, education and the hosting of Gunbot. We do not manage funds, hold assets, manage money, and are not responsible for your crypto. You control your own funds at all times. Continuing with purchase of Gunbot, VPS or any service or product from GBU acknowledges this risk and that GBU is not responsible for any losses incurred.
GBU is not a financial, tax or licensed advisor Gunbot University (GBU) is not your Financial Advisor and does not in any way function in an official advisory capacity to anyone about anything. The information presented by the Professor, in articles on the website, in videos, in the Slack Community, or any content, is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice, and continued listening, watching, or consuming the information represents your agreement to that effect. Seek a licensed professional in your jurisdiction for investment, tax or professional advice if that is what you require.

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