Gunbot Upgrade


Gunbot Upgrade

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Upgrade your Gunbot with GBU and get lifetime memberships!  Standard upgrades get Lifetime Associates and all Pro and Ultimate upgrades get Lifetime Bachelors.  Just pick your current and desired version from the drop-down.


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Upgrade your Gunbot!

As of March 2019, Gunbot changed licensing to be token-based and is centered around an Ethereum ERC-20-capable GUNTHY wallet.  Instead of talking to resellers for every action you need for licensing, you only need to do it once.  Make a wallet, buy your initial license (or upgrade), and your reseller will activate the wallet and ensure you get the required tokens for your license.  From that point on, you can add or swap API keys or even swap exchanges without dealing with the reseller.

This page is where you can Upgrade your Gunbot license to the next level.  This is NOT where you can buy an initial Gunbot license.

From the list below, choose which edition you’re coming from and what you’re going to.  For example, if you currently have a promo edition of Gunbot Standard, and you have 500 tokens, and you want to upgrade to Gunbot Pro, you choose the “Gunbot Standard (Promo 500) to Pro (Promo)” option and pay the correct amount.

We will process the upgrade, ensure you get the add-on tokens into your wallet, and you’ll also receive the GBU benefits.  You don’t have to have bought your original Gunbot License at GBU.

Note: Backtesting add-on is not included with promo upgrades to Pro or Ultimate – you can purchase that separately at

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Gunbot Upgrade Selection

Starter (Full 400) to Promo Standard, Starter (Full 400) to Promo Pro, Starter (Full 400) to Promo Ultimate, Standard (Full 1000) to Promo Pro, Standard (Full 1000) to Promo Ultimate, Pro (Full 1500) to Promo Ultimate, Starter (Promo 200) to Promo Standard, Starter (Promo 200) to Promo Pro, Starter (Promo 200) to Promo Ultimate, Standard (Promo 500) to Promo Pro, Standard (Promo 500) to Promo Ultimate, Pro (Promo 750) to Promo Ultimate