Gunbot VPS LITE monthly subscription (1 instance, 1 exchange)


Gunbot VPS LITE monthly subscription (1 instance, 1 exchange)

$ 15.00 / month

GBU-provided VPS LITE Hosting of Gunbot (monthly subscription). Includes installation and setup and one month of hosting for ONE exchange and ONE instance only.  Also includes Associates membership while active.

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Gunbot University (GBU) offers VPS hosting of your Gunbot (license not included).   This SKU is for monthly ongoing Linux-based hosting with GUI support for One (1) Gunbot instance targeted at $15/month.  One instance is suitable for 1-2 exchanges.

This hosting includes:

  • Installation of the latest Gunbot version (or any supported version)
  • Initial one-time configuration and setup
  • Dedicated URL for web access to Gunbot settings and built-in Gunbot GUI Monitoring
  • Signed and valid HTTPS Certificate
  • Ability to connect up to two exchange(s) (more than 2 is unsupported and may slow down your server)
  • SSH Shell access, if the user wishes
    (Note: SSH access is not required to have Gunbot running and profitable – no linux experience is required of the user.  SSH access is typically only used by advanced users and only to do log analysis, but Gunbot LITE does not have any advanced logs.  If SSH access is desired, see for information on what is required.)
  • Locating the VPS “close” to the exchange(s) desired.  The closer Gunbot is to the chosen Exchange, the better chance the trades have of being executed.
  • Free Associates level GBU subscription as long as VPS subscription is active (value: ~$49/mo).


  • Upgrades are not automatic and are not included in the base service.  There should not be an expectation that GBU will always keep Gunbot on the latest version.
  • What you are purchasing is VPS LITE hosting, not a Gunbot Managed Service.  With this base hosting service, GBU is not responsible for making sure your Gunbot is running correctly, troubleshooting your Gunbot, teaching you Gunbot or anything beyond what is stated above — we are providing the VPS hosting and then also installing and setting up Gunbot for you, and then providing a GUI front end so you can access Gunbot, as if you had performed the installation yourself.
  • If you provide SSH keys, you will also be granted a login to the device so you can perform additional self-administration.  This is optional and shouldn’t be required in most cases.