Master 1 Hour Consulting

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One (1) hour of Private Gunbot consulting

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Includes one hour of Private and Personalized Gunbot or Cryptocurrency Consulting that may include installation, setup, guidance, recommendations, pair selection, strategies, computer configuration, troubleshooting, or other systems assistance related to Gunbot.

This private consulting is provided via GBU’s GotoMeeting service, where both VOIP and analog phones are supported, Screensharing and whiteboarding is used, chat, and other collaboration tools are used.  Neither side needs to share unnecessary IP address, voice or video information, and specific sections of the screen can be shared.  Sessions can be recorded by GBU if customer wishes, and customer can keep the recording.

Most of all, know that cryptocurrency trading involves risk, and botting does not have any guarantees of profit, gain or keeping value. GBU only provides the Gunbot software. We do not manage funds and are not responsible for your crypto. You control your own funds at all times. Continuing with purchase of Gunbot, VPS or any service from GBU acknowledges this risk and that GBU is not responsible for any losses incurred. GBU is not your financial advisor and in no way functions in any advisory capacity.