Master (2m) + Gunbot Ultimate All Exchange Pack

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Gunbot License, All exchanges, VPS hosting, setup, configuration and 2 months Master GBU, plus Trading View and CryptoSight and lifetime Bachelor access.

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This pack includes The Gunbot License for All Exchanges w/Trading View and CryptoSight (normally about 0.85 BTC) plus two (2) months Master GBU membership.

  • All benefits of GBU Associates and Bachelor levels
  • VPS hosting of Gunbot
  • Custom setup of Gunbot instances for up to six (6) exchanges, with GUI
  • Assistance with CryptoSight setup
  • Minimum two (1) hour sessions with a professor per month
  • Lifetime Bachelors GBU membership
    Customer may upgrade to higher tier, and this membership may grant a discount on some of those membership tiers. (value: ~$1000)

Some users want or need extra help either due to lack of time or not being familiar with the technology. This tier provides the licensing, VPS hosting for Gunbot, configuring, setup and one-on-one access to a professor, with a guaranteed sessions with a knowledgeable professor, which is sufficient to get Gunbot configured, set up, tweaked, licensed and running with minimal and safe settings.  Additional time may be provided by professor at professor’s sole discretion.

Includes one (1) license for Gunbot Ultimate for ALL (9) exchange - currently Poloniex, Bittrex, Kraken, Bitfinex, Binance, Cryptopia, CEX.IO, or GDAX / Coinbase Pro, subject to availability. GBU is not responsible for exchange availability.

User is required to continue monthly master membership at regular monthly rate or subscribe to GBU VPS hosting service in order to continue hosting plan.  User can use part of the professor time to help relocate Gunbot to other hosting plans if requested.

Most of all, know that cryptocurrency trading involves risk, and botting does not have any guarantees of profit, gain or keeping value. GBU only provides the Gunbot software. We do not manage funds and are not responsible for your crypto. You control your own funds at all times. Continuing with purchase of Gunbot, VPS or any service from GBU acknowledges this risk and that GBU is not responsible for any losses incurred. GBU is not your financial advisor and in no way functions in any advisory capacity.