Trial GBU VPS for Gunbot Buyers

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Cannot be bought individually. Only is valid when paired up with Gunbot Starter, Gunbot Standard, Gunbot Pro or Gunbot Ultimate.  Good for one (1) instance for 1-2 exchanges only.

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Thank you for purchasing Gunbot from GBU. One benefit we offer for anyone who purchases Gunbot Standard, Gunbot Pro or Gunbot Ultimate is a free month of our VPS service for one (1) instance.

Should you wish to continue VPS Service, you will need to renew your subscription, which can be found in our shop under VPS Category.  We offer 1-instance, 3-instance and 3-month packs. We also offer a Premium tier called VPS Plus.

Note that this trial is only valid with purchase of Gunbot Standard, Pro or Ultimate and only upon approval from GBU.