GBU – Affiliate Share Code Request Form

    Gunbot University (GBU) invites you to request an Affiliate Share code.

    By requesting an Affiliate Share code (not a "discount code"), you acknowledge that use of this code on any order at Gunbot University, aka "GBU", by any person at any time for any reason will result in a reduction of price of eligible items on that order to that person by 5% and the referral bonus (aka commission) paid to you, the Affiliate, will be reduced by the same 5%.

    As an example, if your referral bonus for a given pay period is normally 12%, then an order that has your Affiliate Share code present in that period will pay out 7%, which is your normal 12% referral bonus minus the Affiliate Share amount of 5%. If your referral bonus is normally 15% then your commission for that order, if it has an Affiliate Share code listed on it, will be 10% (15% minus 5% = 10%). All orders that do not have an Affiliate Share code will have normal commission paid on them. Only orders with an Affiliate Share code listed on them will be impacted by an Affiliate Share code.

    In order to get credit for an order at GBU for commission purposes, referral to affiliate must be specified at time of order or before. There are no exceptions to this rule. Commissions will not be paid after the fact. Credit for an order are applied in the following order, with each higher item overriding the lower numbered item:

    1. Customer visiting GBU site via Affiliate referral link (ie,

    2. Customer mentioning affiliate name in referral checkout box

    3. Customer using Affiliate Share coupon for specific Affiliate

    To request an Affiliate Share code, fill out the following information or contact an admin in our Community Slack. Your Affiliate share code can be your Affiliate username or another non-reserved vanity name as long as it is approved by GBU Founders.

    Check here to accept that your Affiliate Share Code request will be submitted to GBU and may or may not be replied to.