You’ve Got Coin! Please update Payment Addresses

Hello —

It looks like you’ve earned a GBU Affiliate Referral!  Congratulations!  Before we can pay you, we need to know the proper address to pay.

Your upcoming payment needs a BTC payment address, but if you could be so kind as to supply the other crypto currencies when you get a chance, so we could fill out our payment profiles, that will help us in the future, should you earn affiliate commissions from those other coins.

While you are free to respond to this email with your answers, since payment addresses, being transparent mechanisms themselves, are not necessarily confidential, you invited to send the addresses to @CryptoWally via Telegram or via Direct Message in the Slack to @professor_cryptowally.  Please do not send addresses to any other Professors claiming to be a payment handler – only Professor Wally at this time handles the payments.  You can also use the feedback form at

Paypal: (optional):

Remember that per our Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions, GBU always pays Affiliate Referrals in the same form of payment that GBU receives on the order.  If the order is paid via BTC; we pay commissions in BTC. If the order is paid with Litecoin; we pay commissions in Litecoin.  If the customer pays via Paypal, we pay commissions via Paypal.  If you do not accept commissions in the manner paid by the order, then GBU will convert to the coin you prefer, but it will be done so at a time convenient to GBU and any fees associated with such conversion will come out of the commissions paid.