Creating a GUNTHY Wallet

Gunbot uses a blockchain based license validation system. It uses its own ERC-20 utility token called “GUNTHY”. Using this system, you can manage your own registered API keys and change them anytime, or even sell your license to a third party.

Your wallet address, combined with a number of tokens, is your Gunbot license key.

Wallet registration and token distribution happens after the initial license purchase through a reseller.

First, please know that you CANNOT use an exchange wallet to hold your tokens. YOU must own and maintain your wallet, not some third party. This means you can use Metamask, Ledger,,, Trezor, Mist, Parity, imtoken, Trust, Cipher, Eidoo, Atomic Wallet, KeepKey, Enjin, Coinomi, and many other ERC-20-compatible wallets.

Creating a wallet (easy way)

You can use most any ERC-20 capable wallet for the GUNTHY token, and the Brave Browser is fast, safe, ad-blocking and you can use the popular Metamask plugin safely. We recommend you separate your crypto-browsing from all the other browsing you do. This is an easy way to do that. We also recommend you keep your GUNTHY tokens in a separate wallet from other tokens just to help with privacy and general crypto management.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Download and install Brave Browser by going to (or get it directly from – if you use our link, GBU gets a small reward at no cost to you)
  2. Install the Metamask plugin inside of Brave (Menu -> more tools -. Extensions -> Web Store, search for Metamask. Get the one offered by
  3. Create your account, save your passwords and seeds securely
  4. [recommended] create a new dedicated Ethereum Wallet just for Gunthy. You can drop down your identity avatar and click + Create Account. Name it something easy to identify as Gunbot or Gunthy.
  5. The wallet address will be shown at the top, which you can copy and paste into Gunbot

For a more complete step-by-step video, take a look at “Coin Bureau” describing MetaMask . Note that Coin Bureau is not affiliate with GBU, and his video does not reflect anything about Gunbot, GUNTHY tokens or anything specific to GBU. However, if you follow the video, you will still get a working and valid ERC-20 Ethereum address that can be used with GUNTHY token.

If you just purchased Gunbot from an authorized reseller such as Gunbot University, the reseller will need the wallet address. A reseller will NEVER ask for wallet seeds, extra payments, license transfer fees or anything like that. Beware of scammers posing as official administrators or resellers.

Gunbot University only communicates through official GBU channels.

Creating a wallet (full walkthrough)

If using a Brave browser with metamask (above) isn’t for you, you can go to the official Gunbot Wiki and read about various different ways to create an ERC-20 Wallet to hold your tokens.