Welcome to GBU VPS

Thank you for your GBU VPS purchase.

Your VPS hosting package purchase is now complete.  Congrats!  You’re that much closer to GBU hosting your Gunbot instance(s).

In order for us to proceed, we will need:

  1. What Exchange(s) you want GBU to host for you
  2. If you want them on different instances or grouped together
  3. If you have an existing configuration, API keys or anything you’d like imported ahead of time.  If not, they will be nice, fresh installs.

If you’ve already supplied this information to your Professor, or on your initial order, we thank you.

Once we have this information, be on the lookout for another email from us where we will give you a web address where you can access your Gunbot’s GUI (Graphical User Interface).  We will need to securely deliver your password, so make sure you’re on the Slack Community or Telegram (email is not secure for passwords).

By default, we only provide web access (GUI) to the bot. If you wish to have SSH access (aka command line, shell), we will gladly provide it. We do not allow username/password logins to our systems, as that method is incredibly unsecure. You will need to generate SSH Keys (public + private) so that we put the public key on our server and you have the associated private key. That way, only you can login, and it’s highly secure and encrypted. We have instructions on how to do this at https://gunbotuniversity.com/sshkeys.

Note that the GBU VPS service is a pre-paid service. If you do not renew before the service expires, the VPS host may be shut down and deleted.  GBU will send reminder emails for renewal approximately 5 days before expiration. You are responsible for backups of your configuration, API keys, logs and any data, as GBU is not responsible for performing these backups.